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Artist's House

This house on Potrero Hill was thought to be the residence of the artist Charles Surendorf, one of the top 25 woodblock (wood and linoleum engravings) artists of the world. He actually made a woodblock of the house in the 1930s:

“House on Potrero Hill” circa mid-1930s by Charles Surendorf.

Surendorf lived in the house for only two years, not long enough for it to qualify as the historic place where he made his art. But the building has an interesting history. Constructed in 1909, it was moved forward on the lot in 1924 to make way for the cutting of a new street, Southern Heights Avenue, between Rhode Island and Carolina Streets. Housing has always been in short supply in San Francisco. In 1959 a Bureau of Inspection report found that the building had been illegally converted into an apartment house holding six families.

Southern Heights Avenue was cut through lots necessitating the relocation of the Potrero Hill house.


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