I perform many historic preservation services in addition to historic evaluations and design review.

Supplemental Information for Historic Resource Determinations

Basic property research and documentation required by the San Francisco Planning Department. 


Written and visual documentation of historic properties including Historic American Building Survey (HABS) 

Historic Context Statements


Reports addressing historical themes and patterns of development

Historic Resource Evaluations (HRE)

Property history research, documentation, and evaluation of historic status required by many jurisdictions.

Historical Displays


Written context for plaques, brochures, and displays.

Historic Resources Surveys

Inventory and documentation of historic resources.

Project Review & Secretary of the Interior's Standards Analysis

Review of a proposed project according to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.  

Historic Designation Nomination Applications


Applications for designating a property as a city or local landmark, the California Register of Historical Resources, or National Register of Historic Places.

Expert Testimony

Explain research findings before public agencies and commissions.



Please contact me so we can discuss your needs. I can explain the process and answer any questions. 

After we talk, I will send you a proposal, ask for a retainer, and will bill upon completion of the report. I will revise the report once based upon comments from the local jurisdictions, if any, at no additional charge.

I'll always be available to help if needed.


Historic Preservation Consulting