I have extensive experience throughout northern California and have also worked in southern California, Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, and New Mexico. I have evaluated hundreds of buildings including railroad roundhouses, train stations, airports, golf course clubhouses, log cabins, theaters, courthouses, warehouses, farmsteads, public housing complexes, hospitals, stores, churches, and schools, as well as many types of houses.    


My reports have been accepted by:


  • Library of Congress

  • National Park Service

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • U.S. Housing and Urban Development

  • California State Office of Historic Preservation

  • San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission

  • San Francisco Bay Area cities and counties.​


I have extensive personal experience in history and preservation, including:



  • Long-time board member of the award-winning Western Neighborhoods Project, which received the State of California Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation

  • President and board member of the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians

  • Former board member of the modern architecture organization, Northern California Chapter of docomomo

I am the author of books, journal articles, and conference papers about

architectural history, urban history, preservation planning, and city planning history.  

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Please contact me so we can discuss your needs. I can explain the process and answer any questions. 

After we talk, I will send you a proposal, ask for a retainer, and will bill upon completion of the report. I will revise the report once based upon comments from the local jurisdictions, if any, at no additional charge.

I'll always be available to help if needed.


Historic Preservation Consulting